Welcome to Kodiak Herbal

Belonging, Healing & Reconnecting is what we do at Kodiak Herbal. Culture and People are what Life is all about! We place both among our highest values.

We foster learning & growth through the mediums of workshops, arts & crafts, traditional Metis knowledge and a relationship with the natural world. Find out more at the links below, or choose an item that piques your interest from the menu above.

Metis Culture & Art Workshops

Rekindle the sacred fire by participating in learning based on the skills of our ancestors. Learn More

Herbal Medicine Apprenticeships

Fully immerse yourself in the world of a Clinical Herbalist with a 1 or 2 year Herbal Medicine Apprenticeship. Learn More

Herbal Medicine Classes & Practicums

Forage, grow or create traditional medicines from cultures around the world; or, apply your knowledge in a clinical setting. Learn More

Plant-walks & Wild-crafting Forays

Experience nature like never before! Learn about the gifts our older brothers and sisters (the plant people) have for us, and accept them in a Good Way. Learn More

Additional Services

We offer many services related to health, formulating and culture. You can see the complete list here. Learn More