Taanishi / Oki / Danit’ada / Welcome

Taanishi / Oki / Danit’ada / Welcome

Welcome! I am Kalyn Kodiak, a Metis herbalist & teacher. At Kodiak Herbal, we provide opportunities for healing & connection through workshops, arts & crafts, traditional knowledge and a balanced relationship with Nature. 

Metis Culture & Art Workshops

Metis Sash Weaving, Finger-weaving, Beading, Plant fibres, natural jewelry, Octopus bags & Metis Regalia. Learn More

Traditional Medicine

Plant identification walks, Bear Harvest teachings, Medicine Gathering & Making, Traditional Foods & Teas.   Learn More

Presentations & Public Speaking

Presentations for schools, businesses & community groups on the history, culture & practices of Southern Alberta Metis. Learn More

I’m grateful to have descended from a lineage of wonderful healers and teachers, who have each informed my practice in their own special way. The words of my ancestors and elders have shaped & guided me.“​

Wild Tourism Adventures

Experience nature like never before! Learn about the gifts our older brothers and sisters (the plant people) have for us, and accept them in a Good Way. Learn More

Online Art Store

Handmade Regalia & Jewelry, Traditional Medicines, Custom Metis Sashes & Rosaries.

Through culture we remain connected to the many that came before us.