Welcome to Kodiak Herbal

Cultural Healing & Re-connection.

We foster learning & growth through workshops, arts & crafts, traditional Metis knowledge and relationships with Nature. Find out more at the links below, or choose an item that piques your interest from the menu above.

Metis Culture & Art Workshops

Rekindle the sacred fire, take part in the ways of life lived by our ancestors. Learn More

Herbal Medicine Apprenticeships

Fully immerse yourself in the world of an Herbalist with an Herbal Medicine Apprenticeship or clinical practicum. Learn More

Herbal Medicine Classes

Forage, grow & create traditional medicines from cultures around the world; or, apply your knowledge in a clinical setting. Learn More

Plant-walks & Wild-crafting Forays

Experience nature like never before! Learn about the gifts our older brothers and sisters (the plant people) have for us, and accept them in a Good Way. Learn More

Additional Services

We facilitate programs about traditional health, nature and culture. Please see the complete list here. Learn More