Taanishi / Oki / Danit’ada / Welcome

Taanishi / Oki / Danit’ada / Welcome

Welcome! I am Kalyn Kodiak, a Metis herbalist & teacher. At Kodiak Herbal, we provide opportunities for healing & connection through workshops, arts & crafts, traditional knowledge and a balanced relationship with Nature. 

Open Shop Day: Saturday Dec. 5th, 10am-5pm

Preview a workshop or experience, sample natural products & find unique holiday gifts. Drop-in from 10:00am to 5:00pm for 10% off

Metis Culture & Art Workshops

Metis Sash Weaving, Finger-weaving, Beading, Plant fibres, natural jewelry, Octopus bags & Metis Regalia. Learn More

Traditional Medicine

Plant identification walks, Bear Harvest teachings, Medicine Gathering & Making, Traditional Foods & Teas.   Learn More

Presentations & Public Speaking

Presentations for schools, businesses & community groups on the history, culture & practices of Southern Alberta Metis. Learn More

I’m grateful to have descended from a lineage of wonderful healers and teachers, who have each informed my practice in their own special way. The words of my ancestors and elders have shaped & guided me.“​

Wild Tourism Adventures

Experience nature like never before! Learn about the gifts the plant people have for us, and connect with the culture of the Metis People Learn More

Metis Art & Gift Store

Handmade Regalia & Jewelry, Traditional Medicines, Custom Metis Sashes & Rosaries.

Through culture we remain connected to the many that came before us.