Elderberry Medicine Make & Take

Kodiak Herbal Apothecary 2410 2 Avenue SE, Bay G, Calgary, AB

Elderberry is one of our best traditional antiviral medicines and a traditional source of food, tools and a rainbow spectrum of dyes for clothing and crafts. In this workshop we'll be making elderberry syrup from scratch, and getting creative along the way with tie-dyes and litmus tests - thanks to the fascinating science of elderberry […]

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Metis Riverside Plants, Foods & Medicines

Hull's Wood, Fish Creek Park

Explore 3 unique ecosystems in Fish Creek Park with a Metis Herbalist. We will move along the riverbanks, under cottonwoods and through the prairie grasses of the Bow River Valley, sharing information from Metis plant culture and relationships. Teachings on the identification of, and traditional uses for food and medicine plants of the Metis focus […]

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Metis Medicines of Early Summer – Lii Bonn Michinn (outdoors/plantwalk)

Lii Bonn Michinn Plant Walk in the Foot hills! The flowers of berry bushes, trees and edible greens will be springing up with renewed energy in June! This is the best time to learn traditional plant identification skills, and to harvest the last of the spring greens. As always, this Lii Bonn Michinn workshop is […]

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