Want to learn a traditional art? Metis Fingerweaving is a fun & ancient skill that results in beautiful belts, bags, bands and bracelets!

Finger-weaving is a method of thread-twining that creates solid shapes of color including arrowheads, diamonds, flames and lightning bolts that can’t be created on a loom. Each piece is unique and can be used for a number of decorative purposes, and the methods range from simple to mind-bending-ly complex as you advance.

Used to create the iconic Metis “Sayncheur Flayshii” (arrow-belt, Metis sash), finger weaving is an ancient tradition that can’t be recreated with machinery. For the Metis, a finely woven sash is the epitome of luxury!

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Timeframe: 2 hours

Suitable for 1-8 guests

The default location for experiences is at the Kodiak Herbal Apothecary (Bay G, 2410 2 Ave SE, Calgary, AB). Please contact us ahead of time if you have questions about accessibility.

For larger groups (8+ people), a separate venue is available. We can also travel to you! Please email us to create this experience for your group.

This experience is now available online!

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