Cultural Experiences

We LOVE sharing the beauty of Metis culture! Cultural Experiences are exactly what they sound like – an immersion into the touch, taste, sights & smells of the Metis Homeland. These carefully curated experiences showcase our favorite Metis cuisine, specially blended teas, as well as our rich medicine & artistic traditions. We invite you to share this experience with us at a Experience Metis Culture Camp, a local Calgary park, or venue of your choice.

Metis Apothecary Experience

Enjoy the earthy fragrance of natural medicines & discover medicinal benefits of 3-5 traditional plants. Design, brew and taste-test a variety of delicious herbal beverages.

Metis Medicines Guided Plantwalk

View the many edible & medicinal plants of Southern Alberta on a fascinating historical plant walk led by Metis Herbalist, Kalyn Kodiak.

Choice of many local parks and green spaces in or close to Calgary. There is medicine everywhere for those who know how to find it.

Wolf Willow Rosaries & Medicine

Prepare wild-harvested wolf willow berries and use them to make jewelry, medicine and Metis silverberry fudge. Learn about the many food and medicine benefits of this beautiful prairie plant.

Metis Finger-Weaving: Wearable Art

Want to learn a traditional art? Metis Fingerweaving is a fun & ancient skill that results in beautiful belts, bags, bands and bracelets!

Finger-weaving is a method of thread-twining that creates solid shapes of color including arrowheads, diamonds, flames and lightning bolts that can’t be created on a loom.

Metis Floral Beadwork: Wearable Art

Make a poppy or Metis-style beaded flower pin, to honor a loved one or just for fun. This beading workshop is a relaxing plunge into a new hobby. We’ll discuss the history of the “Flower Beadwork People”  and how our unique style of decoration came into being. 

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