Tangy Kim Chi & Red Rice Salad

kimchi salad


This tangy, crunchy salad is my new favorite side-dish! It came about while I was trying to prepare a quick lunch to take to work. The inspiration was an abundance of left-over red rice and kim chi in my refrigerator.


This recipe is sugar, yeast, dairy and gluten-free!


2 cups cooked Red Rice

1 cup whole kernel corn

4 tbsp. Hemp hearts

6-8 tbsp. kim chi or sauer kraut (I used a combination of both)

2-4 tsp. louisiana hot sauce (to taste)

2-4 tsp. homemade or japanese-style mayonnaise (sugar and yeast free variety; or go Vegan and skip the mayo!)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Mix red rice, corn, hemp and kim chi/ sauer kraut together in a large bowl. Blend the hot sauce and mayonnaise together and pour it over the rice mixture. Stir until everything is coated. Taste, adding Salt and Pepper and making adjustments to suit your preferences for sourness or spiciness.

 Recipe by Clinical Herbalist Kalyn Byrne

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