Metis ‘Octopus’ Bag

The Michif ‘Octopus Bag’ has a fascinating history! We’ll share the story and history of the octopus bag (also known as a ‘fire-bag’) and discuss how to use and wear these lovely cultural pieces, while constructing octopus bags of our own. A variety of colored velvet/felted cloth, decorating materials and the necessary tools will be provided for the creation of your own individualized bag.

This workshop includes instruction in:

  • History & Culture of the Octopus Bag
  • Decorative Metis Beading
  • Project Design, Hand-sewing
  • Edge-finishing techniques, Pom-pom & tassel making

More Information

Location: Herbal Healing Apothecary (2410 2nd Ave SE Calgary)


Timeframe: 2 hours


This workshop takes place in Kodiak Herbal apothecary in central Calgary. Youth 12 years and up can attend, with a parent or guardian. We will be using scissors and sharp needles, so please keep this is mind when bringing youth. All minors must be accompanied and supervised by their parent or guardian.

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