Introduction to Reflexology

Monday April 23rd, 6pm – 9pm

This 3 hour class gives you a thorough welcome to the practice of Reflexology for diagnosis and healing. Theory of reflexology will be presented, with a colorful take-home powerpoint full of notes. We will practice giving reflexology treatments and receive a treatment, too.  Everything you need to get started in Reflexology is included in this evening.

**Everyone is welcome to join the Intro to Reflexology evening.**

Herbal Students: Sign Up for all 3 sessions in April and save $5! (Intro to Reflexology + 2 Student Clinical Practicum sessions – 9 practicum hours in total). 
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Intro to Reflexology with Kalyn Kodiak, ClH, April 23rd, 6-9pm + take home powerpoint notes $35

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