Iridology Intensive Calgary (Mar 2019)

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, March 29th – 31st, & Practical Skills Clinic April 6th (Saturday) 2019

6pm – 9pm Friday,   10am – 5:30pm Saturday & Sunday

What is Iridology? <– Click here to find out! Or attend the short and fun Art of Iridology Seminar on March 10th

Dive into the world of Iris Analysis with this fast-paced, interactive learning experience, suitable for students and practitioners at every level. Come as a beginner, or brush up on old skills with live subjects, loads of pictures and feedback on your technique and clinical practice.

*Easy Payment Plans are available – contact for more information*

This Weekend training covers 8 lessons in 18 hours, and includes a personal Iridology Assessment for yourself, done together by the class. The student practicum clinic continues your instruction and provides freedom for advancement, with 6 practicum hours of experience with live clients, for a total of 24 hours of intensive Iridology training.

Alberta Herbalists Association (AHA) Members Special Rate: All 3 Days for $399.00 (Save $100)

AHA Members Special: Iridology Tutorial + Practicum Clinic Day (3 days + 1 evening) $399 (Save $100)

Earlybird (Save $50) Iridology Tutorial (2 days + 1 evening) Until Dec. 10th 2018 $449 (Save $50)

Audit Iridology (Returning Students Only)

**Students who have previously taken iridology with Kodiak Herbal can audit this course for only $100. A great way to refresh your memory and pick up tips you missed the first time.


Practical Skills Clinic Day (April 6th)**

6 hours of Clinical training & practice with live clients


Iridology Practitioner’s Kit

*includes 1 5-10x magnifying glass, eye-safe pen light, and laminated iridology charts


**Students who have previously taken  Iridology may sign up for just the practicum day.

Included in this class:

  • 18 hours Fast Track Tutorial training in Iridology Analysis (+ 6 hours with optional Practical Skills Clinic)
  • 8-Lesson PowerPoint Textbook with hundreds of images – See Sample Text Here
  • Free 1-hour Iridology Assessment (in Practical Skills Clinic)
  • Access to Student Practicum Clinic as a Student Clinician, where we will practice with live clients (6 clinical hours)
  • Herb, dietary and lifestyle recommendations to use with your clients

This is an experiential tutorial class based on the Comprehensive method of Iridology, the most prominent method of Iris Assessment in North America and Europe. Practice and knowledge retention will be emphasized during this fast-paced course. The optional Practical Skills Clinic takes place in a clinical setting and will be an opportunity to build confidence by working directly with clients. Herbs, diet and lifestyle recommendations for all iris genotypes and specific iris signs will also be discussed.

Where is the Iridology Tutorial?

The Tutorial will be held in Calgary, Alberta – likely in the Central Calgary. The location will be chosen close to the beginning of the class and may change based on the number of students. An informational email will be sent to your PayPal address 4 weeks before the course, along with the digital textbook. Please contact to ask a question about the Calgary tutorial.

What Should I Bring?

Please bring your a notebook and pen to every class, and a magnifying glass (5x-10x is best). You can buy an optical pen light in class or bring your own. You can also order a professional optical magnifier and pen light set for $37.00. Please order by January 10th, 2019 to ensure delivery by the date of the class.

Please contact to order your professional Iridologist’s magnifier and light set, or to ask questions or leave a comment about this class.

12 thoughts on “Iridology Intensive Calgary (Mar 2019)”

  1. I am interested in the irridology course in Lethbridge and will be looking forward to learning the dates so that I can make arrangements to attend.

    1. Yes! The next Iridology will be scheduled in September 2017, although private lessons may be available starting in January 2017.

  2. I am interested for sure, although curious to know where the course will be held. I would need the light and magnifying glass for sure!

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