Eco & Culture Tourism

Kodiak Tourism Experiences provide immersion in Michif Lifeways through art, crafts, traditional medicine and nature. Join a Metis Herbalist, Knowledge Keeper & Craftsperson to learn a local skills, history and a unique perspective on the Canadian Prairies.

make deeper connections with nature
meet local metis community members
experience the metis world view in a respectful & welcoming space
discover food and medicines all around us
taste unique, local & traditional cuisine
uncover history & symbolism in Metis art, clothing & regalia try your hand at making a traditional medicine or wearable art piece
samples, tastings & take-homes, recipes and handouts provided

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Our Home @ Herbal Healing Apothecary

Join us for your experience in our cozy Calgary-based apothecary. Click here to see images of the space. Experiences are available Thursdays & Saturdays through the booking platform. For other times, please email us at

We can also come to you, at a safe location where social distancing is possible. Travel fees may apply for workshops an hour or more from Calgary.

Unique Cultural Experiences

The culture of our people resides in our hearts – we welcome you! Please book an experience from the list below.

Metis Apothecary Tour & Tea

Timeframe: 2 hours

Enjoy the earthy fragrance of natural medicines as we welcome you into our cozy apothecary. Discover traditional medicine & food uses of 5-10 traditional plants. Learn how Metis herbalists choose and create traditional teas for healing. Create, brew and taste-test a variety of delicious & healthy beverages. Browse a large selection of herbs to create a blended tea under the guidance of a Metis herbalist. Take a sample of your tea home to enjoy.

Weave a Custom Metis Sash – Full Day

Time frame: 6-8 hours, full day with lunch break

Be a part of this traditional hand-looming sash experience – and take your loom home with you after the workshop! Looms and all materials are included. No weaving experience necessary. This workshop can be held over a weekend (4 hours per day) for groups. Online video version available.

Metis Sash Weaving – Learn to Weave – Half Day

Time frame: providing a shorter experience of 3 hours (half-day), all supplies will be available for use during the workshop.

Discover a calming and colorful hobby to create your own fabrics! Traditional Metis weaving techniques are used to create beautiful belts, bands, bags & accessories. Learn the basics of loom-weaving with the arrowhead and flower patterns. Explore the history of ‘sayncheur flayshii’ & meaning behind colors and patterns used in metis sashes. Design a unique sash and have it made, or take your supplies home for a DIY experience. A sash samplette is your souvenir after the experience. Cost: $100/person for groups of 2 people, $75/person for groups of 3-6. Family rates available.

Metis Finger-Weaving: Wearable Art

Time frame: 3 hours (half-day)

Begin with the basics in the traditional art of finger weaving, used to make beautiful patterns on belts, straps, bags, and hats! A history of finger weaving and the symbolism of the patterns will place this art form within the proper cultural context. Listen to the stories while making your own bracelet or hatband. Beginners welcome – kids 9 years and up love this experience! Cost: $100/person for groups of 2, $80/person for groups of 3-6. Family rates available.

Metis Beading – Flowers & Poppies

Time frame: 3 hours (half-day)
Metis are the known as the ‘Flower Beadwork People’ for our intricately flowered clothing and accessories. Make a poppy or Metis-style beaded flower pin to show off your new beading skills. We begin at the beginning – no experience needed for this workshop! As always, cultural context and meaning will be discussed while we craft. All materials are provided, as well as beads to take home to finish your project. Cost: $200 for 2 people, $80/person for groups of 3-6. Family rates available.

Metis Octopus Bag Workshop

Time frame: 4 hours

Octopus bags or Fire-bags have a colorful history! “But, there are no octopus on the prairies..!!?” I hear that a lot! Learn the interesting story of the “octopus bag”, how it got its’ unique name, and make your own octopus bag in this fascinating traditional experience. All materials provided. Cost: $240 for 2 people, $105/person for groups of 3-6. Family rates available.

Metis Medicines of the River Valley

Time frame: 3 hours (half day), March-October

Metis are a river-going people, the rivers are our highways! Many of our food, shelter and medicine plants also thrive along the rivers, making this a fascinating locale for a medicine walk. View the many edible & medicinal plants of the river valley, and discover how clothing and shelters were made from plants on a historical medicine tour lead by a traditional Metis Herbalist. Cost: $200 for 2 people, or $80/person for groups of 3-6. Family rates available.

Wolf Willow Rosaries & Jewelry

Time frame: 3 hours (half day)

The ‘Silver-berries’ of the Wolf Willow bush are traditionally used to make beautiful natural rosaries by the Metis people. Make your own rosary or necklace from fresh-harvested wolf willow, while learning about the food, medicine and cultural uses of this beautiful Canadian Prairie plant. We will sample wolf willow tea and desserts as we make our jewelry. Cost: $200 for 2 people, or $80/person for groups of 3-6. Family rates available.

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