Herb Walks & Summer Courses

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Herb Walks with Master Clinical Herbalists Kalyn Kodiak & Zoe Lynn

Herb walks are an exploration of nature, deeper than your regular walk-in-the-park. You will learn to identify flowers, herbs, shrubs, and trees appreciated not only their beauty, but for food, clothing and medicine by cultures young and old.

Suitable for adults and children alike, it’s a great way to explore many local ecosystems. Get to know the greens that thrive right here in Calgary!

$15 for adults, $5 for kids

  Mon Aug 24   7pm                                                           Bow River Riparian Area Herbs    Register Now!

 Directions to the class will be sent to your email one week before the herb walk.



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Herbal Medicine Making

2 Weekends, November 2015

(details to be announced soon – please check back!)

Create your own herbal salves, gels, teas, smudges, oils, syrups and tinctures for your family, for market or just for fun! This is a thorough course on natural product formulation, with a combined 20 hours of practical experience in gathering, processing and preserving Nature’s bounty. A material fee covers the 7 artisan herbal products you will be creating and taking away with you throughout the course.

Instructors Donna Christie, Cl.H. and Kalyn Kodiak, Cl.H. are experienced in the formulation and sales of custom formulas, available through their businesses, Medicine Bag Herbals and Kodiak Herbal. We will share some of our favorite recipes in this year’s Herbal Medicine Making – don’t miss out!

Registration Coming SoonPay with Paypal


IMG_20150419_152853Flower Essences – Meet the Flowers

Saturday July 4th – 10am to 3pm – Edworthy Park (Top Parking Lot)

Get back to the very beginnings of Flower Essences in this special 1-day class! In ceremony in the great outdoors, we will connect with the flowers in the fullness of their bloom, learning intuitively how to accept and use the gift of their energies for growth and healing. Personal experiences with the flowers will be shared and compared, to form a compendium of knowledge from our local flower spirits!

If the sun shines, we will create a special essence with the Sunshine Method for you to take home, so you can continue learning from the energies of the flowers.

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