Selling Herbal Formulas: What Herbalists Need to Know

9 Hours (3 Evenings) 6pm – 9pm

January 22nd – Student Clinic
January 23rd – Selling Herbal Formulations with Joanne Wilson
January 25th – Student Clinic

Ask an experienced herbalist your questions about how to produce and market your product ideas in Canada! Join Joanne Wilson of Herbal Healing Inc., in this info-packed class. Anyone who wishes to sell herbal formulations for internal or external use in Canada will learn how to produce popular, effective products, while navigating the maze of labeling laws that guide the natural health product market. Legal aspects, purchasing, licensing and the NPN (Natural Product Number) system will be discussed.

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*Please Note: January 22nd & 25th are Student Clinic nights; Joanne Wilson will be presenting on Jan. 23rd. Learn more about Student Clinic Here.

All 3 Sessions (Save $5),

Jan.22, 23 & 25, 6-9pm (2 student clinics and Joanne Wilson presentation)


Student Clinic Jan. 22nd, 6-9pm $35

Selling Herbal Formulations with Joanne Wilson, Jan 23rd, 6-9pm (presentation begins at 6:30pm) $35

Student Clinic Jan. 25th, 6-9pm $35

Student Clinic nights we will be following up with our clients, taking new clients and completing case files/intakes for the clinic. There are 8 by-donation appointments available in January for members of the public who wish to consult a student herbalist at the clinic.