School & Children’s Workshops

Garden Gnomes!

These workshops are especially for kids who want to learn a traditional skill!

All workshop programming is available for your event, school, or community group!  I also love to teach small groups of home-schoolers who would benefit from a natural health or Metis perspective. Please contact to inquire about bringing a workshop to you.

Workshop Descriptions:

Who are the Metis?

The Metis are a uniquely Canadian People, a blending of First Nations communities with early European settlers from across Western Europe. Since the early fur-trading days, the Metis have developed their own culture, style of dress and decoration, crafts and even their own language (Michif). Experience Metis music, stories and traditions as we journey across Canada, following the trail of the Metis People.

Workshop Length: 90 minutes. Suitable for Ages 5 & up.

Metis Finger-weaving (Traditional Sash / Ceinture Flechee)

Learn about the tradition and meaning of the Metis Sash (Ceinture Flechee), a piece of clothing with many uses! The colors and patterns tell the story of the wearer, and the threads could be used in a pinch for everything from fixing a broken wagon cover to portaging your canoe! Along with a colorful history lesson in Metis Culture, you will learn to make a simple bracelet using the diagonal weaving pattern. A 2nd set of threads and materials can be taken home for further practice.

Workshop Length: 60-90 minutes (depending on age and time restrictions of group). Recommended Age: 9 & up (children of all ages are welcome to the afternoon workshop, kids under 8 years who want to learn to weave may require assistance from an adult while making their bracelet).

Making of a Personal Medicine Bag

A personal medicine bag is a place to hold your hopes and dreams, your intentions, and reminders of who you are, where you have been – and where you wish to go.  Making and wearing a medicine bag is a reminder to do your best, to be good to yourself and others, and to always learn and grow.

We will craft our own bags out of a variety of materials and decorate them to reflect our unique personalities. A choice of items will be available to put into your medicine bag, and the meaning of these herbs, stones and icons will be revealed so you can choose the ones that speak to you.

We will also talk about how to take care of our medicines bags, and how to use them to make us stronger, learn lessons and see us through the rough spots.

Workshop Length: 90-120 minutes (depending on age and time restrictions of group). Recommended Age:  8 & up. Younger ages are welcome with an adult who will help them make their bag (we will be using fabric scissors and needles to sew our bags).

White Wild Rose. Rosa acicularis.

Metis Herbs of Alberta

View the landscapes of Calgary’s parks from a new perspective. Right here in our own city, and we will find an abundance of plants to enjoy as food, medicine, shelter and tools! Some of these ‘weeds’ were brought from Europe by the Settlers, while others have lived here for thousands of years. Meeting these plants and learning about their usefulness is a fun way to gain a healthy new respect for the local ecosystems (indigenous and introduced) that make up the plant-world of Calgary.

Workshop Length: 60-120 minutes (depending on age and time restrictions of group). Recommended Age: 5 & up (all ages welcome with an accompanying adult)

This activity can take place at most city parks in Calgary.

Traditionally Healthy for Kids (& Their Adults)

This is a workshop especially for kids and their parents/guardians, with traditional practices for keeping your body, mind and spirit strong and healthy. A mini-life skills course from the perspective of a Clinical Herbalist, with a mix of traditional and modern lessons, and lots of practical tips and recipes. Content covered in this workshop is based on Star Knowledge for living in a good way, and includes:

  • Taking care of our inner-self so we can have peace
  • Healthy eating, sleep, exercise, the immune system
  • The 7 Grandfather teachings
  • Becoming aware of our mind, body emotions and spirit
  • Nurturing healthy energy for healthy body, mind and emotions

Workshop Length: 60-120 minutes (depending on age and time restrictions of group). Recommended for Ages: 6 years and up (and parents/guardians of any age!)

Please contact to ask a question or book a workshop for your group. Maarsii!