Rhodiola: Mountain Queen of Stamina

rhodiola-rosea1Rhodiola rosea and her cousins (aka Rose root, Golden Root) are truly the Queens of the Northern Mountains, bringing Healing, Wisdom and Fortitude to the people in their communities.

These sweet, flavourful roots have an ancient and cherished fellowship with us humans. A mountain dweller herself, Rhodiola enables humans to live at high altitudes by aiding the flow of oxygen to body tissues.

Rhodiola gives stamina and strength – she will push you up that mountain when you

canmore_rocky_mountains-hd-wallpaper haven’t got the energy. Lady Rhodiola is a jolly, friendly powerhouse who will encourage you to use your power to the fullest!

In fact, Olympic athletes in Russia and China have relied on her to help them train longer, with shorter recovery periods in between.

She provides extra oxygen to the muscles and is an excellent coach for those undergoing endurance training, cutting down on recovery time, and giving you the enthusiasm of a Viking.

This is how I picture the cheerful, buxom Queen of the Mountains, Rhodiola:


She exudes confidence, gently emboldening men and women both, setting a healthy example for the timid types.

Traditionally, Rhodiola makes up part of a tasty, adaptogenic liqueur known as Nastojka. Sit down for a drink with Rhodiola and you will see her flirty side, hear her baudy jokes and blush at her playful sexuality. She loves to get a rise out of the Menfolk.




Sword in hand, Rhodiola is a Shield-maiden to your liver and immune system, defending them with stoic fierceness. She has shown immune enhancing properties in more than 50 scientific studies, improving levels of antibodies and white blood cells. She will build you up, battling the demons of anemia, infections, colds and flus, cancer, and inflammation.

Rhodiola is not only a Valkyrie in battle, she is good for the soul, like a dear friend. She will help restore you when you are fatigued from over-working the body or the mind. Spending time with Rhodiola benefits the psyche, increasing resistance to stressors of all types, be they mental, emotional, or physical. Showing special attention to your adrenal glands, Rhodiola can aid parents and students with hectic schedules, or anybody who feels overwhelmed by responsibility. Rhodiola’s kind ministrations have traditionally shown benefit for fatigue and depression, insomnia, schizophrenia, and other nervous system disorders.

rhodiola-roseaAs a warrior must be cunning as well as strong, The Lady of the Mountains can be a good tutor, improving cognitive ability, lending you her sharp memory and mental focus to study for that big test.

Renowned across the lands for her Fierceness and Feminity, Rhodiola is a legend as far afield as China, Russia, Tibet and Northern Europe. Her fame even reaches to India, where she is recognized in Ayurvedic medicine as a Rasayana, a herb which prolongs life.

IMG_20130102_161558Kodiak’s Dual extraction of Rhodiola rosea can be used on a daily basis to provide the energetic power of a Valkyrie, enhancing stamina and improving cognitive ability, allowing you to enjoy the revelry of a life well lived.

Just to be on the safe side: while Rhodiola has no known toxicity, as a precaution she should be avoided by those who take psychiatric medications or are pregnant, unless under the advice of a your healthcare professional.


Written byKalyn Kodiak, ClH