Candida-Free New Year

Small Healthy New YearWelcome to the Candida-Free New Year Head-Quarters! Join us!

1. Choose a cleanse that interests you and fits your health goals / lifestyle (your cleanse can be any intensity or length, from 3 days to 6 months)

2. Join Candida-Free New Year Facebook Group! Everyone is free to post content here, including recipes, tips, favourite foods or detox accessories, rants . . . keep us updated on your discoveries and progress.

3. Creating Events is encouraged – it would be brilliant to have a potluck, movie-night, trip to the sauna, ect. Or, be a guest speaker / writer on a healthy topic you are passionate about!

Please follow along with us here and on facebook in January 2013 and share your healing experiences. I look forward to hearing about your adventure. Cheers!

Candida-Free New Year Articles:                                                                 (most recent first)

IMG_20120718_120500Continue with Candida Free: Phase 2                                                  May 20 2013

part2_strawberryCandida-Free Phase 1: The Candida Program                                   Jan 19 2013



Cravings, Tastebuds & Satisfying Snacks                                             Jan 10 2013


dandelion loves to help you cleanse!

Choosing Your Best Cleanse                                                                   Jan 02 2013


My Favourite Anti-Candida Herbal Teas. Anti-Fungal Teas Fast-Track Candida-Cleanse Success                     Dec 28 2012


Autumn Tree by Old Man RiverHappy Holidays & Candida-Free New Year!                                           Dec 22 2012  




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