Metis Healing & Culture


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My Metis Story – by Kalyn Kodiak

Reclaiming my culture and lineage in a modern Canada.

The History of Loom-Woven Metis Sashes

Traditional finger-woven or slightly-less traditional loom-woven, all sashes are beautiful!


Metis Finger-weaving Lessons Level 1, Wrap-around Bracelet

Learn the first steps in weaving a traditional Metis sash.


Marie Rose, Midwife of the Prairies

Hear the Story of my Great Great Grandmother and how her strength has inspired my own journey with traditional medicines.



The Medicines of Marie Rose by Kodiak Herbal

Natural Remedies inspired by a Canadian Legend.




Wild Berries of the Foothills

Fruits used as food and medicine by the people who inhabited Southern Alberta & Northern Montana.