Metis Art & Gifts

Our cultural art & gifts are wearable treasures made from natural materials, based on traditions from the Heart of the Metis People. Each piece is naturally unique and expresses a love of the gifts of creation. Though most pieces are made to order, we’ve listed some of our most popular items below as examples for you to browse.

Metis Wolf Willow Rosaries

The wolf willow rosary is a traditional Michif religious artifact that honours the Great Mother.

Metis Two-Spirit Jewelry

Celebrate your 2S pride with custom rainbow bracelet or necklace made with traditional wolf willow beads.

Handmade Metis Sashes

Wide variety of custom options available, choice of colors, fibers and patterns. Two-Spirit, Foothills, Red River, Assomption, Lightning Bolt, and more. Traditional & Contemporary, our handmade sashes are wearable works of art to last a lifetime.

Fleur di Marie Medicine Bag

Made from buttery soft white doe skin with a lining of red, yellow or turquoise, this bag is designed in honour of the Mother of Peace. Wearing it serves as a reminder to perform all our actions with great Love.