Marie Rose Metis Michinn by Kodiak Herbal


Marie Rose, Charley and daughter Marie Anne.

I want to share a story with you about my Grandmother’s Grandmother. She was a healer and a midwife at the turn of the last century, right here in Southern Alberta.

How excited I was, as a Herbalist trained in Western & North American herbal medicine, to discover that Marie Rose had kept a recipe book with her own herbal remedies! Reading her thoughts through journals and commentaries stored in the Glenbow Archives inspired me to reawaken my Metis heritage through my work as a herbalist.  Marie Rose’s Elderberry syrup was the first in a line of healing herbal formulas, based on the plants used as foods and medicines in Alberta during my GG Grandmother’s lifetime.

Kalyn_YuletideThese remedies are created in the spirit of remembrance and gratitude for the Herbalists and the Plant Teachers who have gone before me, and taught me everything I know. They are bottled with the same playfulness I enjoy exhibiting in all of my labels. On the outside of the bottle is something beautiful – on the inside is ‘Bonn Michinn‘ (“good medicine” in Michif) for your body and soul.

I hope you will enjoy the soothing and comfort of these traditional remedies, and in so doing, remember the infinite Love that our Grandmothers & Grandfathers hold for us. Marsee mes aamii!

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Written byKalyn Kodiak, ClH