Metis Sash Weaving @ Maple Festival Des Sucres

Watch: Ici Alberta Video with Kalyn Kodiak

I am pleased to be sharing the traditional art of Metis sash weaving at the ACFA’s Maple Festival Des Sucres once again this year!

Maple Fest is always a great time full of French Canadian and Metis Culture. All of Heritage Park is open and full of exhibits and entertainment, including traditional crafts and games in the snowy sunshine!

I will be hosting multiple workshops in fingerweaving with Matt Hiltermann, Scholar of Metis history, who is coming down from Edmonton for the occasion. See us at the Gunn Barn to take in a sash-weaving class through out the weekend.

You will also find my herbal apprentices and I at the Gunn Barn, sharing knowledge of Metis and Traditional Medicines. There will be samples of fresh elderberry syrup, as well as locally-crafted Metis herbal remedies to take home with you.

We look forward to seeing you at the Festival Des Sucres, taking in some of the best of Western Canada’s Francophone & Michif culture! Marsii!

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