Making of a Personal Medicine Bag

2 Workshops:
Wednesday, June 6th 2018 6-9pm, or
Sunday, June 10th 2018 12pm-3pm

The making of a personal Medicine Bag is a special ceremony. The contents, the prayers, even the very fabric of the bag, are unique and full of meaning for the person who carries it. A personal medicine bag is a place to hold your hopes and dreams, your intentions, and reminders of who you are, where you have been – and where you wish to go.

Together, we will discuss the medicine bag and what it means for myself as a Metis person recovering my culture, and what it means to you to make and keep a medicine bundle for yourself.

We will craft our own bags out of a variety of materials and decorate them according to guidance from our grandfathers and grandmothers. A choice of items will be available to put into your medicine bag, and the meaning of these herbs, stones and icons will be revealed.

A short ceremony of cleansing and blessing will consecrate our new medicine bags. Teachings of the ways to honor and show respect for your medicine bag and the spirit behind it will be part of this ceremony.

Medicine Bag Making teachings and ceremonies in this workshop are not aligned with any particular tradition, and I do not pretend to be a traditional teacher or elder. I am a medicine bag carrier for 10 years, and I wish to share the gift of knowledge and growth I have received from my medicine bag with others so that they can benefit from being closer to spirit.

Making a Personal Medicine Bag June 6th 6-9pm

Materials Cost $25

Making a Personal Medicine Bag June 10th 12-3pm

Materials Cost $25

Everyone is welcome to come and hear the teachings for free. If you wish to, you may make a donation to Hull Family Services in exchange for the teachings.
For those who wish to make a medicine bag along with the group, the cost to cover materials is $25.

To attend just the teachings, please register by email at . This workshop will take place in South Calgary. The address will be provided 2 weeks before the event.