Metis Fingerweaving: Making the Sash Level 1 & 2 Workshops

Three Workshop Dates:
Tue Nov 19 6-9pm (Level 1)
Wed Nov 20 6-9pm (Level 2)
Thurs Nov 28, 6:30-9pm (Level 1)

Want to learn a traditional art? Need something to do with your hands while you’re watching Netflix?

Metis Fingerweaving is a fun traditional past-time that results in beautiful belts, bags, bands and bracelets!

Finger-weaving is a method of thread-twining that creates solid shapes of color including arrowheads, diamonds, flames and lightning bolts that can’t be created on a loom. Each piece is unique and can be used for a number of decorative purposes, and the methods range from simple to mind-bending-ly complex as you advance.

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There is enough to learn as a finger-weaver to keep you happily challenged for the rest of your days, should you choose to progress through all the levels and patterns. This workshop starts out with level 1, which is suitable for people ages 9 and up (kids tend to pick it up more readily than their parents, in fact!).

In a short evening or afternoon of colors and tales, we will learn to make 2-3 beginner’s patterns that you can use to create bracelets, bag straps or hatbands. The tradition of finger-weaving will be presented and some of the lore of this Metis craft, as well as a few choice stories, will be told.

Some samples of advanced finger weaving will be available, and the differences between loom and finger-woven sashes will be explained. Yarns of many colors will be provided, as well as all the necessary supplies.

This workshop takes place in the cozy Herbal Healing apothecary in central Calgary. There is space for about 12 participants. Children about 9 years and up can learn finger-weaving, younger kids may require the help of their guardian. All minors must be accompanied and supervised by their parent or guardian.

Registered participants will receive an email to their PayPal address 1 week before the workshop. You do NOT need a PayPal account to register, you can choose to check-out as a guest with a credit card instead. Kodiak Herbal never receives access to your private payment information.

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