Cravings, Tastebuds & Satisfying Snacks

Cravings, Tastebuds & Satisfying Snacks (To Get You Through the First Month)

foodcravingsCravings can be the most difficult part of beginning a cleanse. If you are like me, food offers a lot of comfort. The first week of detoxing is often intense, resisting desires for old favourites like breads or sweets. Stay strong – a lapse in your program now can bring those cravings surging right back to the surface! This is why a ‘clean break’ from junk food is best. Rest assured, though: cravings do not last forever. After the first 4-7 days, cravings fade daily, with each day being easier than the last.

Herbs to balance blood sugar may help dull cravings by maintaining an even keel in your glucose levels. They are a good idea in the beginning of a cleanse for those who experience cravings. Chromium picolinate or Chromium GTF (400mg daily) and B-vitamin complex (50mg daily) increase your ability to adapt to new blood glucose levels, and so minimize cravings.

This Iris even LOOKS delicious!Flower Essences can be helpful as well, especially if you draw emotional comfort from food, and feel a little lost or blue without snacks to help you cope. A great Flower Essence for cravings is Iris, for those with a tendency to hypoglycemia, using sweets to repress creative urges or to substitute for the natural high of inspiration. Other Flower Essences specific to cravings are Evening Primrose (prone to overeating), Self Heal (relying on food to heal a lack of confidence), and Snapdragon (always needing to chew or nibble for comfort). The Three Yarrows of protection, especially Pink Yarrow, are useful when we use food to create a shield around our emotionally oversensitive selves (ie. eating to avoid having to talk to strangers in social situations).

5 tastesAn important part of cleansing is creating desire for new and unique foods by changing our tastebuds. This means exposing yourself to flavours you may not have considered in the past. Many people who get a bad case of candida are predisposed to it by their eating habits. Most of us crave simple carbs, in the form of sweets and starches – and these are the fuel yeasts love. We just can’t seem to stay away from them, and this is one reason candida sufferers often require more than one cleanse in their lifetime. When we learn to love foods that are rich in people-nutrition, candida cannot thrive. In the interest of changing our tastebuds, it is important to avoid sweet flavors, even artificial sweeteners or non-sugar sweets. Instead, we can learn to desire savoury, spicy, tangy, umami (meaty) and sour tastes. Here are a couple of crunchy, rich, and flavourful snacks that can help you become addicted to savoury and lose the sweet-tooth:

Crispy Crunchy Greens

Crunchy Chickpea Snacks

Ready-made snacks that can be enjoyed on a candida cleanse include: salted kettle potato chips, fresh veggies, olives, Corn-Nuts (plain salted variety), salted and buttered

TGI Cinnamon!

popcorn. Some treats to placate the occasional sweet craving include lemon in sparkling water, herbal tea ice cubes, flavoured perrier, hot chaga-latte (recipe coming soon!), chai tea, vanilla tea, peppermint tea, and cinnamon sprinkled on anything.

Treat yourself to these unusual flavours, and don’t forget to stay full. You can do it!


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Written byKalyn Kodiak, ClH