Wild Rose Practicum Hours 1:1

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You can now earn Wild Rose College Practicum Hours while you study! Our study group program has been approved for 1:1 practicum hours towards your Wild Rose Diploma. This means each segment will be worth 9 practicum hours. Students who wish to have their time at the study group count for practicum hours will complete extra assignments based on the content of the segment being studied (specifics below).

Please contact Kalyn at kalyn@kodiakherbal.com if you are interested in accumulating practicum hours while in student clinic.

Extra assignments approved by Wild Rose College:

Iridology: Analyze 3 sets of irises, providing a 1-page assessment of each set including analysis of markings, genotype and tissue strength. Recommendations for treatment may also be included. Analysis done in study group can be used if it is well-documented.

Clinical Interview and Case History Skills: complete  and document 3 1-page intake interviews. Intake interviews completed in study group can be used if they are well-documented.

Chakra Diagnosis and Cleansing: complete and document 3 chakra healing consultations. Consultations done in study group can be used if they are well-documented.

Formulating for Clients: based on 2-3 health conditions or case studies, create a complete herbal formula recipe for each, explaining your choice of formula ingredients in a brief, 1-3 paragraph essay for each case study.

**Extra assignments are optional for student clinic participants who are not interested in accumulating practicum hours. 

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