Formulating for Clients Workshop Autumn 2017


9 Hours (3 Evenings) 6pm – 9pm

November 27th, 28th & 30th 2017

Formulating for Clients will focus on the creation of custom formulas for individual clients. Using techniques learned in classes such as Herbal Pharmacy, students will practice creating balanced, individualized tea or tincture blends to meet the specific needs of each client.

Sign up for all 3 evenings $100 (Save $5)

3 Evenings of Formulating for your Clients $100 (Save $5)

Monday Nov 27th $35

Tuesday Nov 28th $35

Thursday Nov 30th $35

 *Note: This segment is about specializing in the creation of advanced formulas for very specific, individual needs. It IMG_20141203_110629assumes the student already has some general knowledge of herbs and their uses.

*Ingredients and bottles for your formula are included; choose from a stock of over 60 raw plants or 40 premade tinctures.

We Will Cover:

– creating a balanced herbal formula based on the principles outlined in Chapter 18 of the textbook Modern Herbology
– how herbs in a formula compliment each other and work together
– choosing herbs that are safe, effective and most applicable to a client
– steps in the creation of a tincture or tea blend, and difference in action between a tea, an alcohol tincture or a glycerin tincture

 Students will Learn:

– stepwise mathematical equations for calculating the herb and alcohol content of a formula to ensure proper dosage and storability of the formula
– how to keep a herbalist’s recipe book/formulation tracker as a tool to reference past formulas and methods

 Students will Practice:

– choosing from approximately 60 dry herbs (roots, fruits and aerial parts) and 40 premade tinctures, students will create their formula from one of the recipes they have designed in class. Herbs are provided, but  you may bring additional herbs that are not on the list.
– students will create informative labels for their creation. If time permits we will flavor sample the recipes and provide feedback to each other about our formulas

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