Art of Iridology (EP)

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IrisBorderThe Art of Iridology (9 Practicum Hours)

Iridology is the study of the Iris, the colored potion of the eye, for the purpose of learning about health and personality characteristics. This is a fun and informative way to get valuable information about your friends and clients!

Instructor: Kalyn Byrne, Cl.H.

This class has not been scheduled yet. Please contact to express interest in this class. When we get 5 students, we run the class!

You can also check back here, or ask to be put on the mailing list as a potential student.


Evening #1 – A 3-hour class on the finer points of iris interpretation. Focusing on areas that have created the most questions for students in the past few years (based on feedback to the iridology homework marker at Wild Rose). We will also focus on interpreting the markings identified in the iris so students can create a health protocol for clients to follow. This presentation includes a photo-rich Powerpoint and interactive live practice with feedback.

Evening #2 – Iridology Practice Level 1

Apply your skills in student-on-student practice, and reiew the layout for conducting a complete iridology exam and assessment.

Evening #3 – Iridology Practice Level 2 (student-on-client)

Volunteer clients will be brought in this evening at regular intervals so that a mock-clinic can be conducted, providing students with an opportunity to practice professional dress and deportment. Feedback from the clients and supervisor will help to improve the practice of the students.

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