Intro to Chakras and Subtle Energy (EP)

This Segment will run in Spring 2017. See you then!Chakras-e1320767866752

with Guest Instructor

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In this series we will be exploring the chakras and energy fields and their connection to human wellness on all levels including mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical and how they may affect each other.
The first two sessions will be a combination of instructional and practical applications with your classmates. We will learn about different techniques of sensing the auric fields and chakras. We will discuss the 7 main chakras, the purposes they serve, including dominances and imbalances as well as how they affect not only one’s personal wellness but all the relationships one connects with.
Throughout these first two sessions you will also have opportunities to practice your unique abilities of sensing the subtle energies that flow through the human body as well as techniques to assess aura and chakra strengths and weaknesses. Handouts will be available for you to take home to study and practice with friends and family, and materials will be available for your reference and use in class.
The third session will give you opportunities to practice and share what you have learned in assessment. You will be encouraged to practice only to the extent of your comfort level within your abilities. Opportunities for different levels of assessment tools to use will be available for your choice.
This segment runs over 6 weeks, meeting every 2nd Thursday in Spring 2017. (3 classes total).
In 2015 we were lucky to have an insightful and experienced guest instructor,  Bev Wein.


Bev has been practicing as a reflexologist, herbalist, Intuitive energy healer, birth doula, wellness counselor, teacher, and women’s circle facilitator through her company ‘Sage Traditions’ since 2012.  She has studied for two years to become certified with the course “Healer’s Training for the Whole Human Being” under renowned spiritual healer, counselor and author, Dr. Richard Jelusich, PhD., with ‘Northern Light News’, the healing school for which she currently serves as an assistant teacher. Along with presently studying as a student at Wild Rose College, working towards the Clinical Herbalist Diploma, Bev has also studied various advanced courses in energy work and spiritual healing including Advance Chakra Healing, Past Lives and Reincarnation, Meditation, Flower Reading, and Mediumship. Learn more about Bev at: .

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