List of Practicum Experiences

Practicum is for students who are working on their Herbalist diploma or certificate, and want to learn the real-world skills to apply their knowledge and be successful, both as business people and as healers. Practicum is a combination of clinical practice, observation, and advanced skills training that is necessary to coalesce your education into a solid practice as a healer.

Segments can be taken in any order. Click on a segment for more information. **Segments for Autumn 2018 will be confirmed in August 2018, please check back.

Selling Herbal Formulations in Canada: Everything You Need to Know (January 2018)

Herbal Medicine & Cultures (February 2018)

Real World Case Studies for Herbalists (Sept 2018)

Formulating For Your Clients (Oct 2018)

Flower Essences Student Clinic (March 2018)

Modern Herbalism & Clinical Skills (Nov 2018)

Art of Iridology Student Clinic (Dec 2018)

Introduction to Chakras and Subtle Energies

Traditional Chinese Pulse & Tongue Assessment (April 2018)

Reflexology for Assessment & Treatment Student Clinic

*Other proposed modalities include: Mexican Temazcal healing, Energy healing, Body Language for Healers, Medicine Wheel Teachings, Natural Pregnancy & Childcare, BodyTalk and Basic Counseling Skills.

Suggestions for modalities and instructors are warmly encouraged! Please contact Kalyn at with your suggestion.

2 Replies to “List of Practicum Experiences”

  1. Hi, it’s Jessica Wilson,
    I am interested in the practicum… i am interested mostly in Real world case studies, formulating for your clients, modern herbalism and clinical skills, Iridology, reflexology (especialy reflexology) natural pregnancy and childcare, counceling

  2. Also, I may like afternoons better but evenings may work too… Could u please also let me know when u are going to make the decision by as to what dates we are doing the practicum… If any and hey, thanks Kaylyn!

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