Care for Conditions of the Skin with Zoe Lynne, ClH

9 Hours (3 Evenings) 6pm – 9pm

March 19th – Care for Conditions of the Skin with Zoe Lynne, ClH
March 20th –┬áStudent Clinic
March 22nd – Student Clinic

Zoe Lynne of Zoe Lynne Herbals is Calgary’s knowledgeable herbalist when it comes to loving your skin! Her experience and expertise with oils, creams, lotions, salves and balms makes this presentation extra-special. We will cover many common skin conditions and the herbs that help bring back that smooth, supple softness to your largest living, breathing organ – your beautiful skin!

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*Please Note: March 20th & 22nd are Student Clinic nights; Zoe Lynne will be presenting on March 19th. Learn more about Student Clinic Here.

All 3 Sessions (Save $5),

March 19, 20 & 22, 6-9pm (2 student clinics and Zoe Lynne’s presentation)


Student Clinic March 20th, 6-9pm $35

Care for the Skin with Zoe Lynne, March 19th, 6-9pm (presentation begins at 6:30pm) $35

Student Clinic March 22nd, 6-9pm $35

More Info: This lecture style class introduces the structure and function of skin, extending to the oral mucosa. Skin is a complex organ, complete with its own diagnostic qualities and eliminatory functions. Included in this lecture are nutritional requirements, immune function and instructions for physical maintenance of skin.

About the Instructor: Zoe Lynne is a Herbalist from Drumheller Ab. She is a founding member and acting Treasurer of the Alberta Herbalists Association, Nutrition Instructor at Hope College and formulator for Deacon Skin Care. Her classes include a broad exploration of a topic and are aimed at providing a wholistic viewpoint for unbiased education.

Student Clinic nights we will be following up with our clients, taking new clients and completing case files/intakes for the clinic. There are 8 by-donation appointments available in March for members of the public who wish to consult a student herbalist at the clinic.