Real World Case Studies for Herbalists 2017

9 Hours (3 Evenings) 6pm – 9pm

October 3rd, 9th & 16th 2017

Practice your assessment skills by analyzing real life case studies taken by professional herbalists.

Sign Up Now for November 6th, 6-9pm

We had so much fun at the first 3 case studies, we’ve added an extra night to this segment! Please join us at a reduced price on November 6th.

Bonus Evening November 6th, 6-9pm $30 This practicum segment is finished for 2017.

We will review case histories from a Clinical Herbalist’s practice as herbalists. Students will be free to ask questions and put together their own assessment and recommendations on the fly. These assessments will be shared and compared to the practitioner’s, and the various treatment methods recommended will be discussed. This serves multiple purposes:

Learn to build solid case histories that provide a
snapshot of pertinent information about the client’s past and present health condition.Sm_page

A good case history is a valuable asset to the modern herbalist. Thorough case histories can be shared during referrals and are an excellent resource for documenting your successes and learning experiences.

Share your own case studies with the class to gain deeper insights into your client cases.

You are sure to learn something new in every case study! Putting our heads together as herbalists, we’ll share our perspectives to bring better understanding to each study.



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