Soul & Spirit Teachings

Grounding & empathy-building exercises for those who like to explore their spiritual side. Available for parties or group bookings. Comfy, wheelchair accessible space can be provided, or we come to you.

Making of a Personal Medicine Bag: The making of a personal Medicine Bag is a special ceremony. We’ll craft our bags from cloth or leather, and decorate them according to guidance received from a short journey. A  ceremony of cleansing and blessing will follow to consecrate our new medicine bags. Teachings ways to honor and show respect for your medicine bag and the spirit behind it will be part of this ceremony. Timeframe: 3 hours.

Plant Spirit Dream Journey: Take a journey to meet one of the helper plant spirits. These spirits take on the work of healing the people and encourage us to learn and grow. All medicine plants have a helper spirit, my favorites include mugwort, rhodiola, and kava. Please email me to design a dream journey workshop for your group. Timeframe: 2 hours.

Guided Meditation: Guided meditations are custom designed for people or groups. Please email to design a guided meditation workshop for your group. Timeframe: 1-2 hours.


Medicine Wheel Teachings: Learn the meaning of the 4 directions from a First Nations elder, and how you can apply the teachings of the medicine wheel to your own life for balance and reciprocity. Timeframe: 1-2 hours

Team-Building Sharing Circle: A mixture of communication skills and empathy-building exercises that bring strangers together into a community. Sharing circles help groups to create common goals and meet each others needs to build positive relationships.

Please contact for information or to book a workshop for your group or event.