Metis Fingerweaving, Beginner-Intermediate

Saturday, Nov. 17th 12-3pm  (beginners) &
Sunday, Nov. 18th, 12-3pm (intermediate)

Location: Herbal Healing, Inc. (Bay G, 2410 2nd Ave SE Calgary)

Learn to make your own Metis sash, using the traditional art of finger-weaving!
Sip tea while you weave and listen to stories of the sash weavers, and how the ceinture flechee came to be an iconic symbol of the Metis people. Find out the meaning behind the patterns and colors, and make sample bracelets, lanyards or hatbands from each pattern using your own unique color choices.
Beginner’s patterns include Stipple and Diagonal stripe. Intermediate patterns include Sawtooth, Lightening, and Chevron.
All supplies are provided. This workshop is suitable for ages 12 and up. Younger children with finger-weaving experience and 3 hour+ attention spans are negotiable.


Finger Weaving, Beginner-Intermediate  (Nov. 17 &18)


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Finger Weaving, Beginner Level
(Nov 17 only)

Finger Weaving, Intermediate Level
(Nov 18 only)

Finger Weaving, Beginner-Intermediate (Nov 17 & 18)
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