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MR_CoughSyrupCreate remedies from natural ingredients in your own kitchen with this series of fun classes. Beginners Welcome! Materials are included. Contact us today for workshop pricing and arrangements.


The Pleasure of Tea (2 hours)

Making a dried plants into a truly inspired cup of tea is a rare gift! Our Master formulator will show you how to create the perfect blend of herbs to delight the taste buds and awaken the senses. Sampling occurs frequently in this fun, one of a kind workshop.

Delicious & Natural Gifts (2 hours)

Natural gifts that are perfect for sensitive-skinned, natural loving people. We will discuss ingredients and their role in sensitivities while crafting luxuriously scented body butter bars and delectably delicious shower-bombs. Perfect for the Christmas or Valentine’s day season.

Colds, Flus and Immunity Naturally    (2 hours)

Learn about soothing remedies for cough and cold season, and some ways to boost our immunity and prevent illness, too. In this class we will make a cough syrup from natural ingredients that you can take home. Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Natural Skin-Savers & Body Sprays  (2 hours)

This class is all about simple topical products for glowing skin and healthy bodies. we will make a disinfectant and toning skin spray that is useful for scrapes, blisters or varicose veins.  A kid and pet friendly topical ointment for bites and itches is also included. Lots of take-aways in this class! Focus: Soothe Skin cuts, scrapes, bites, stings, itches, blisters and infections

Energy, Mood & Metabolism  (2 hours)

Keep your metabolism and your spirits high this winter. Feed your inner fire with nourishing roots, broths and teas that give you energy and build strength. The focus will be on adaptogenic combinations that you can make at home to help you weather the cold and return to the days of sunshine. The take-home is a hot cup of delicious medicinal brew and various recipes to make. Focus: Increase Mood, Energy and Endurance, promote circulation and metabolism in cold weather

 Healthy Happy Joints & Muscles  (2 hours)

 Pain is different for everybody and there are a hundred ways to treat it. Come and learn some of the best herbs for treating and preventing pain due to arthritis, injuries, chronic pain and musculoskeletal conditions. Teas and remedies will be discussed, and a traditional warm and spicy soothing beverage will be the take-away tonight! Focus: Improving mobility and flexibility, releasing tension in muscles, lubricating joints and relieving pain in joints and muscles.

Please contact Kalyn@KodiakHerbal.com to book a workshop for your group, party or business.

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