Blackberry Lemon Fizz

blackberriesThis is so simple, I can barely call it a recipe. One way to increase your water intake and satisfy the urge to snack is to become a master of making fancy beverages. Combine your daily serving of fruit with some club soda, lemon, or herbal tea to make a variety of alcohol-free cocktails. This is but one example:

Blackberry Lemon Fizz

1/2 handful of ripe blackberries                                                                                            1/4 lemon                                                                                                                         350ml (10oz) Club Soda or Sparkling Water

In a tall glass or tumbler, squeeze the 1/4 lemon to extract the juice; if it is organic, throw the peel into the bottom of the tumbler. Add 1/2 handful blackberries. Fill the glass 1/3 full of club soda/sparkling water and mash everything up with a mortar (or other blunt instrument if you have no mortars lying around). Fill the glass up to the rest of the way and serve. Or put an umbrella in it if that makes you happy!

Enjoy your cocktails frequently, with varying ingredients as suits your mood. Remember to stick to your daily fruit allowance if you are on a Candida program.


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