Birth Pool Rental

  • Only Heated Birthpools in Calgary
  • Extra Large 5-foot diameter circular pool
  • Hard-sided pool supports you in any position
  • Soft foam bottom liner for extra comfort
  • Extra Deep 26-inches for full buoyancy and support

Our Gentle Birth birthpools are the only heated birthpools available for rent in Calgary. They are also the largest tubs you will find. Each tub is sanitized and a sterile tub-liner is provided for maximum comfort and safety.

The Gentle Birthpool is always delivered to you! Set up and removal are included. We will come and set up the pool 2 weeks before your expected due date, and pick it up 2 days after the birth. No extra charge for babies who come late!

Every rental comes with your complete home water-birth pool kit:

  • 1 sterile 4mm perfect-fit liners (safe, latex-free polyethylene).
  • 1 new net scoop for cleaning the water
  • 1 pair of shoulder length gloves
  • clean water hose and faucet attachments for filling the pool
  • water¬†pump and grey-water hose for emptying pool
  • in-person instructions for filling, using and emptying the pool
  • Free set-up and take-down, you just fill the pool with warm water when you need it and empty when done!

Pool Rental Fee: $199 + $50 deposit

 Please contact us at to inquire about available dates. Please book early in your pregnancy to avoid disappointment.