Flower Essences Practicum Clinic

Flower Essences

Dates to be determined, Autumn 2017 6-9pm (3 evenings)

This class has not been scheduled yet. Please contact Kalyn@KodiakHerbal.com to express interest in this class. When we get 5 students, we run the class!

You can also check back here, or ask to be put on the mailing list as a potential student.

The medicine of Flower Essences is in their ability to remove obstacles to change.

Whether they be emotional, mental or spiritual blockages, old energies, patterns of behavior or ideas that are holding us back from our true potential, a good flower essence can remove the barriers that keep us trapped.

– In this practicum experience we will learn to identify the emotions and behaviors associated with the most commonly used essences.

– Familiarization with the flower essences quizzes and practice blending the flower essences to make custom formulas for friends, family and clients.

– Create a custom blend for yourself in class, and keep a journal of your experiences to share and learn from

– Apply your knowledge of flower essences to assist a client in the student clinic, and create a custom blend for your client

This Practicum is appropriate for students of all experience levels. Your level of participation in the clinic is based on your own level of comfort and experience.

There are many learning opportunities in the student clinic, we have something for everyone who wants to familiarize themselves with the process of running a natural health clinic while gaining some practicum hours and experience.


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    1. I would like to! Late June will probably be the best time, please check back in late May 2018 to see if a course has been put up.

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