Clinical Practicum Program

Clinical Practicum for Students of Natural Medicine

Practicum & Student Clinic runs each year from September – April. You can sign up to join us at anytime. Students or former students of any herbal program are welcome to earn their practicum hours with us.

Hours spent at Calgary Herbal Student Clinic can be applied to clinical practicum requirements for iridology, herbology, and other CAM programs and professional associations. Certificate/letter of completion are available upon request.

How does it work?

Purchase a block of 20 or 40 hours towards your clinical practicum. We will contact you via email to schedule your practicum hours. Please leave your contact information below so the instructor can reach you to schedule your practicum hours. 

 There are 20-40 hours of practicum to attend each month. Students may carry up to 50% of their unused practicum hours forward to the next month. Hours can only be refunded 3 weeks before your starting date – but the balance can be credited towards future practicums and workshops.

Current Practicum Dates – Spring 2020:

MARCH (40 hours):

  • Thursday March 5th 9am – 5pm (8 hours) Clinical
  • Friday March 6th 1pm – 9pm (8 hours) Clinical
  • Thursday March 12th 9am – 5pm (8 hours) Clinical/Formulating
  • Friday March 13th 1pm – 9pm (8 hours) Clinical/Formulating
  • Sunday March 15th 12pm – 4pm (4 hours) Fieldwork/Formulating
  • Sunday March 22nd 12pm – 4pm (4 hours) Fieldwork/Formulating

APRIL ( 40 hours):

  • Thursday April 16th 9am – 5pm (8 hours) Clinical
  • Friday April 17th 9am – 5pm (8 hours) Clinical
  • Thursday April 23rd 9am – 5pm (8 hours) Clinical
  • Friday April 24th 9am – 5pm (8 hours) Clinical
  • Sunday April 26th 10am – 6pm (8 hours) Fieldwork/formulating

Register for 20 Practicum Hours $300:

Student’s name:

Register for 40 Practicum Hours $550:

Student’s name:

Please contact with questions about the Calgary Herbal Student Clinic Practicum Program.

Find out about the on-going Student Clinic at CHSC HERE.

Practicum Details for Students:

  • Clinical hours are spent in observation, formulation or assessment in the clinic with live clients. The clinic is supervised by Clinical Herbalists. Fieldwork hours are spent identifying, foraging, and gathering raw plant materials. Formulating hours consist of creating traditional and modern remedies from raw plant material.
  • A Confirmation email with practicum information will be sent to registered students the week before the practicum session begins. Please check your SPAM folder, and add to the list of Safe emails in your email provider.
  • Please commit to attending at least 20 hours per month. This will prevent any practicum hours from being wasted.
  • Refunds for cancellations can be issued up until 3 weeks before the starting date of each session.
  • Package discounts are not applicable to individual sessions cancelled by the student. If a partial refund for a packaged set of practicum hours is requested, full regular price will be retained for the remaining hours. The remainder will be refunded to the student, negating the original discount.
  • If you have an uneven number of practicum hours (less than 20) remaining to complete your program, please contact to purchase just your remaining hours

Calgary Herbal Student Clinic News:


  • January 2020 Practicum will be held in March-April this year, and will consist of 80% clinical and 20% fieldwork & formulating. Instead of purchasing sessions, we are now offering blocks of hours in groups of 20 or 40. There is currently 1 open apprenticeship position for a student in 2020.
  • September 2019
    We’re trying out a new format this year, in association with Wild Rose College. You can now earn your practicum hours faster with monthly clinical intensives! Check out their website at


  • April 2019 
    May 11th Iridology clinic has been added. This will be the final clinical practicum for the summer. Herbal practicum will resume September 2019.
  • March 2019
    A new schedule has been created for the Spring semester.
  • January 2019
    We encourage students to invite friends and family to the clinic! By booking a free consultation at the student clinic, your guests support you in your education and receive free treatments, including iridology, tongue/pulse assessments, and foot-reflexology treatments.
  • Dec 2018
    A certificate of completion can be created for practicum students who attend a minimum of 1 full semester. Please contact the to request a certificate.
  • October 2018
    New Student Clinic Location:  Bay G, 2410 2nd Ave SE Calgary
  • We have made a new home in the beautiful traditional apothecary  and HQ of Herbal Healing, Inc. It includes a fully stocked herb shop and commercial kitchen for our formulating convenience. Joanne provides bulk ingredients and rents the kitchen to students of the CSHC at a reduced rate.


  • September 2016
    The Student Clinic is pre-approved for 1:1 Student Practicum Hours with Wild Rose College of Natural Healing! Details HereThe Student Clinic provides a place to learn and practice your healing techniques with other students and professionals, and earn Wild Rose College practicum hours while you learn!

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