Practicum Experiences

Winter-Spring (2018-2019)  Evening Practicum Clinics


Find out about the on-going Student Clinic HERE.

NEW!  Herbal Practicums  Are Now Being Scheduled for Sep 2018 – April 2019 in Calgary:

Essential Oils Best Practices with Zoe Lynne, Clinical Herbalist
September 2018 (Dates TBA)

October Practicum (Topic & Dates TBA)

November Practicum (Topic & Dates TBA)

December Practicum (Topic & Dates TBA)

January 2019 Practicum (Topic & Dates TBA)

February 2019 Practicum (Topic & Dates TBA)

March 2019 Practicum (Topic & Dates TBA)

Iridology for Herbalists (3 hours in class, 6 hours student clinic)
Saturday, April 6th 2019  10am-4:30pm


Past Practicum Sessions in 2018:

Selling Herbal Formulas: What Herbalists Need to Know (9 hours)
January 22nd, 23rd & 25th, 6-9pm (Includes 2 evenings of Student Clinic)

Tibetan Medicine: Cultural Traditions in Herbalism (9 hours)
February 12, 13 & 15, 6-9pm (Includes 2 evenings of Student Clinic)

Care for Conditions of the Skin with Zoe Lynne Herbals (9 hours)
March 19, 20 & 22, 6-9pm (Includes 2 evenings of Student Clinic)

Intro to Reflexology: Theory & Practice (9 hours)
April 23, 24 & 26. (Includes 2 evenings of Student Clinic).

More to Come in September 2018! Please contact to express interest in earning your Herbal practicum hours with us.

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The Student Clinic has been approved for 1:1 Student Practicum Hours with Wild Rose College of Natural Healing! Details HERE.

The Student Clinic provides a place to learn and practice your healing techniques with other students and professionals, and earn Wild Rose College practicum hours while you learn!

NEW! Iridologists’ Student Clinic:  Clinical practicum dates are available for previous students of the Iridology through Kodiak Herbal or other institutions. The next date for the Iridologists’ Student Clinic is June 2nd, 2018. The practicum provides 6 hours of clinic time. A sign-up link can be found here.

List of Modalities / Topics to be covered in 2018 Herbal Student Clinic (click for List)

Browse our complete list of Practicum Experiences, and let us know which ones you would like to take. When we get 5 students, we run the practicum!

Contact to express interest in a segment.

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