Student Clinic

You are invited to experience the art of Herbalism through a Student Clinic home visit and save 50% off. Or, come in for a Pay-what-you-can consultation with a Student Clinician.

Appointment times are: 6:30pm, 7:00pm, & 7:30pm. Appointments run an average of 30-70 minutes.

Upcoming 2018 Student Clinic Dates:
Tuesday, March 20th (no appointments remaining)
Thursday, March 22nd (no appointments remaining)
Tuesday, April 24th (3 evening appointments available)
Thursday April 26th (3 evening appointments available)


Location: Clinic is held at Mantra Wellness, 435 4th Ave SW Calgary (Suite 210).  Email to book an appointment.

 What is the Student Clinic?

Student Clinic is a consultation with a Clinical Herbalist or an advanced student under supervision. Assessments may include Iridology, tongue and pulse assessment, and Reflexology. During a student clinic consultation, a small group of advanced students of herbology may be observing the herbalist in order to further their experience in the clinic.

Clinical Students are advanced students of natural healing who practice their skills with compassion and professionalism. Your confidentiality is at all times observed and enforced. All records are kept confidential between yourself and the herbalists present.

What can I expect as a client at the Clinic?

A consultation with a Clinical Herbalist takes between 30-90 minutes. During the initial consultation, the herbalist will ask questions about your current and past health status to get an idea of your general state of health.

Follow-up consultations as highly encouraged, as they provide you with the best results, and offer important feedback for our students clinicians.

When and Where is the Clinic?

There are 2 ways to enjoy a consultation with the student clinic:

  •  Book a pay-what-you-can appointment by emailing  You will receive a consultation with 1-6 students observing in exchange for a donation in the amount of your choice. The clinic is held 1-2 nights per month between October and April. Please see the top of this page for clinic dates and location.
  • Book a home consultation by emailing, and mention during the booking that this will be a student clinic appointment. You will receive 50% off and 1-2 students will attend the consultation to observe the herbalist. Home consults are available year-round.
  • Weekend Iridology clinics are held occasionally. Dates will be listed here when they become available. You can also join the email list by contacting

To make an appointment at the student clinic, please contact your student practitioner or email .

**Please note that herbalists and student practitioners make no diagnosis of disease, nor are they able to give prescriptions. The herbalist will offer an assessment of your general state of health based on information you give during the assessment using traditional methods and may make herbal, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations which you can choose to follow or not, at your own discretion.


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  1. I would like to participate as a client in this program. I am interested if there are herbal remedies for digestive issues and low back pain. Thank you, Jen

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