Book An Appointment with Kalyn Kodiak, Cl.H.

Kalyn is available for consultations in your own home in Calgary and occasionally in Lethbridge, Alberta.

About Kalyn Kodiak, Clinical Herbalist, Metis Knowledge Keeper

Reach out to book now via e-mail at or call during business hours:

Fee Schedule for Home-visits:

Adults, first appointment $100 (1-2 hours)

*all first appointments include Iridology, reflexology, tongue & pulse diagnosis, health history and consultation

Adults, follow-up appointment $80 (1/2- 1 hour)

*all follow-up appointments include iridology, reflexology, tongue & pulse diagnosis and follow-up consultation

Children under 12 years, first appointment $60 (1-2 hours)

Children under 12 years, follow-up appointment $45 (1/2 hour)

Adults on Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped:

$60 (first appointment)

$40 (follow-up appointments)

Reflexology Treatment $70 (45 minutes)

E-transfer, Mastercard, Visa and Cash are accepted.

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