Kalyn is available for consultations in your own home in Calgary and occasionally in Lethbridge. You can reach her to book now via e-mail at or call during business hours:.


Fee Schedule for Home-visits:

Adults, first appointment 90.00 (1-2 hours)

*all first appointments include Iridology, tongue & pulse diagnosis, health history and consultation

Adults, follow-up appointment 70.00 (1/2 hour)

*all follow-up appointments include reflexology, tongue & pulse diagnosis and follow-up consultation

Children under 12 years, first appointment 60.00 (1-2 hours)

Children under 12 years, follow-up appointment 45.00 (1/2 hour)

Adults on Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped:

60.00 (first appointment)

40.00 (follow-up appointments)

Reflexology Treatment 70.00 (1 hour)

*includes initial consultation and health history + 45 minute Reflexology treatment

Mastercard, Visa and Cash are accepted.

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  1. Hi Kodiak
    I am interested in the medicine bag workshop on June 10th at noon. I have trouble paying online and curious if I can pay you in person. I am on AISH and really want to attend. I am getting back in touch with my roots an believe that this will be apart of it. Thx

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