Iridology Tutorial September 2017




What is Iridology? <– Click here to find out!

The Iridology Tutorial is a live, interactive learning experience suitable for students and practitioners at every experience level. Learn as a beginner or brush up on old skills with live subjects, loads of pictures and feedback on your technique and clinical practice. The Tutorial includes 9 lessons, each building upon the last, an interactive Powerpoint presentation, and clinical experience.

  $409.00 + gst

This is an experiential tutorial class, where practice and professionalism will be emphasized. The last class takes place in a clinical setting and will be an opportunity to build confidence by working directly with clients. Herbs, diet and lifestyle options for genotypes and specific iris signs will also be discussed.

You can use this class as part of the material you need to challenge the entry exam for the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA). We will discuss in class how to become a member of the association, for those who are interested. Membership in the association is not necessary to practice iridology in Canada.

Where is the Iridology Tutorial?

The Tutorial will be held at a central location in Calgary, Alberta. A tutorial is also planned for Lethbridge, Alberta in 2018 over 2 weekends. Please contact to find out more about the Lethbridge tutorial.

What Should I Bring?

Please bring your a notebook and pen to every class, and a magnifying glass (5x-10x is best). You can buy an optical pen light in class or bring your own.

Please contact with questions or comments about this class.

5 Replies to “Iridology Tutorial September 2017”

  1. Hey Kalyn,

    I understand that there are a few different schools of iridology and I am wondering how am I to know that you will be reviewing the same school I am learning?
    I am very interested in signing up for this course because I have my first semester exam coming up and it would be excellent review for the test. Are there any specific prerequisites you’ll need prior to signing up?


    1. Hello Madison,
      We will be focusing on the Bernard Jensen method, the most commonly used Iridology in North America. The methods may not be exactly the same, but that’s actually okay, as it’s good to learn from many teachers. Much of the information should overlap, and if your textbook says differently I would love to have discussion about it in class. There are no prerequisites for this tutorial. See you there!

  2. Hi Kalyn, my name is Jody Good and I was signed up to take your irridology class in Lethbridge last year. I am still interested so please let me know as soon as you have dates and I will make the utmost effort to make sure I can attend those dates!

    Thank you!

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