We are pleased to offer natural herbal remedies and healthy treats, hand-made in small batches in our apothecary and delivered to you! All our offerings are original formulas or tinctures, blended by  a Clinical Herbalist with the finest ingredients available.

Products can be ordered by sending an email to kalyn@kodiakherbal.com  with the products, sizes and scents you require. Don’t forget to include your address, and whether you would like shipping or a drop-off within the city of Calgary (orders over $80 include free drop-off in Calgary!).

Aloe Gel Hand Sanitizer

(please specify Candy Cane, Earl Gray Tea, Lavender or Unscented)

200ml bottle  . . . $10.99

500ml pump bottle . . . $20.99

Unscented Ingredients: Aloe vera, Aqua, Alcohol

Scented Ingredients: Aloe vera, Aqua, Alcohol, Natural Essential OIls


Single Herb Tinctures

(please specify a herb from the list below) Made to standard strengths (1:5 or 1:10 depending on herb toxicity), these tinctures can be used as instructed in various herb manuals and historical material, or as directed by your Herbalist.

50ml bottle with dropper . . . $14.99

100ml refill bottle  . . $26.99

Tincture availability changes often. This month’s tinctures are listed here.

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 Kodiak Herbal Signature Formulas

Original formulas made with the freshest ingredients!

50ml dropper bottle  . . . $18.00

100ml refill bottle  . . . $33.00

Sleepy Bear Calming for Anxiety and Sleep

Valerian, Scullcap, Hops

Dancing Bear Relief for Chronic Pain & Spasms  

Party Kava Dual Extract Full-Strength Kava, sweetened and naturally flavored with orange and cinnamon.

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