Modern Herbalism & Clinical Skills

Herb_Desk9 Hours (3 Evenings) 6pm – 9pm

December 4th, 5th & 7th 2017

Hear from modern day herbalists about the many faucets of practice, from clinical practice, to wildcrafting, product development and working in the supplement industry. Find out what they found challenging and rewarding about the many niche jobs a Herbalist may choose to enter.

Volunteer clients are invited into the student clinic for an intake interview appointment where student practitioners will solidify their skills and their confidence with the interview process. If the student practitioner is comfortable a list of recommendations may be produced for the client.

Sign up for all 3 evenings $100 (Save $5)

3 Evenings of Modern Herbalism & Clinical Skills $100 (Save $5)

Monday Dec 4th $35

Tuesday Dec 5th $35

Thursday Dec 7th $35

Class Description/Schedule:

Evening #1 – Modern Herbalism & Clinical Skills Instructional Evening

We will also learn interview skills for conducting an intake interview with a client for the purposes of a personal health assessment. Focusing on the interview process as a means to gain historical and current information about the health situation of a client, we will learn to record and analyze this information while emphasizing confidence, professionalism and good bedside manner.

Evening #2 & #3 – Modern Herbalist Guest Speakers

Hear from modern day herbalists Monica Hirai and Judith Cobb, both well-known herbalists and business owners in Calgary with decades of experience. They will talk about the many faucets of practice, such as clinical practice, marketing, and business ownership for herbalists. Find out what they found challenging and rewarding about the being successful as Herbalists in Calgary.

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