List of Practicum Experiences

Segments can be taken in any order. Click on a segment for more information. **Segments for 2017-2018 will be scheduled in August 2017 so please check back.

Real World Case Studies for Herbalists (Sept 2017)

Formulating For Your Clients (Sept 2017)

Flower Essences Student Clinic

Modern Herbalism & Clinical Skills

Art of Iridology Student Clinic

Introduction to Chakras and Subtle Energies

Traditional Chinese Pulse & Tongue Assessment Student Clinic

Reflexology for Assessment & Treatment Student Clinic

*Other proposed modalities include: Mexican Temazcal healing, Energy healing, Body Language for Healers, Medicine Wheel Teachings, Natural Pregnancy & Childcare, BodyTalk and Basic Counseling Skills.

Suggestions for modalities and instructors are warmly encouraged! Please contact Kalyn at with your suggestion.

2 Replies to “List of Practicum Experiences”

  1. Hi, it’s Jessica Wilson,
    I am interested in the practicum… i am interested mostly in Real world case studies, formulating for your clients, modern herbalism and clinical skills, Iridology, reflexology (especialy reflexology) natural pregnancy and childcare, counceling

  2. Also, I may like afternoons better but evenings may work too… Could u please also let me know when u are going to make the decision by as to what dates we are doing the practicum… If any and hey, thanks Kaylyn!

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