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What is Iridology? <– Click to find out!

The Iridology Tutorial is a hands-on learning experience in the art of iris analysis, based on the teachings of Dr. Bernard Jensen. It was designed for students of the Wild Rose Iridology correspondence course, or other on-line or correspondence Iridology courses, but can be taken by anybody.

The Tutorial includes 7 lessons based on an interactive Powerpoint presentation with practice time in every class. The last class (class #8) is a free iridology clinic where students will have the opportunity to practice with live clients.

$333.00 + GST

THIS CLASS HAS BEEN DELAYED; WE ARE WAITING FOR 5 STUDENTS. To express interest in this class and be added to the waiting list, please email .

This is an experiential tutorial class, where practice and professionalism will be emphasized. The last class takes place in a clinical setting and will be an opportunity to build confidence by working directly with clients.

Total Class Time: 7 classes and a clinic = 16 hours

Case Studies: Perform an Iridology assessment on 2 individuals, and create a synopsis of the individual’s health concerns, vitals and a thorough analysis of your findings.  Submit the case studies to your instructor to receive your Wild Rose assessment elective hours.*

*students who are not completing the class for elective hours do not have to complete the homework

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  1. I am interested in the irridology course in Lethbridge and will be looking forward to learning the dates so that I can make arrangements to attend.

    1. Yes! The next Iridology will be scheduled in September 2017, although private lessons may be available starting in January 2017.

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