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Kodiak Herbal is the Natural Laboratory & Artistic Studio of Clinical Herbalist Kalyn Kodiak, where she is Free to Create her Unique and Ever-Evolving Herbal Medicines.

Kalyn’s formulas came into being in response to the needs of her family, friends and community members, created with intense Research & Love.

The Kodiak Herbal Apothecary is capable of making custom formulas upon request, in the form of herbal elixirs, tinctures, honey chews, teas, capsules and more Рplease e-mail kalyn@kodiakherbal.com  and tell us what you need!

We have a range of herbs, fungi and tinctures ready-made in stock. Please email for specific requests or see our Dispensary page above for a list of products and pricing.

Kalyn is grateful to be able to share her healing formulas! We thank you for visiting, and wish you growth, happiness and healing, today and always.

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  1. Hi Kalyn. I have reached a bit of a health crisis and have some neurological issues. I am awaiting my appointment with the neurologist but my boyfriend suggested I try to find someone who does iridology as he had some success with this several years ago. I would like to know if you do iridology in the lethbridge area, if so how much do you charge and How soon could I get in to see you.



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